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Friday, June 03, 2005

UK Health and Learning Disability Network Under Threat of Closure

UK health professionals have grown to value the work of the 'Health and Learning Disability Network', affectionately known as the Janet Cobb Network after the tireless and dedicated woman who currently runs it.

The network is a method by which learning disability workers, nurses, social workers and other professionals can quickly exchange ideas and information about ideas and best practice in this rapidly changing field of health and social care.

But now the network is under threat, at a time when it is probably needed more than ever, as the realities of the size of the challenge of implementing the ambitious aims of the government white paper 'Valuing People' begin to hit home - the aims being to bring into reality the Rights, Independence, Choices and Inclusion of people with Learning Disabilities.

To date, the 'Valuing People Support Team' have funded the network, but this funding ceases in September of this year. Unless new sources of funding can be found, the network will fold.

The Foundation for People With Learning Disabilities is ready to become the host organisation for the network, but will need funding. It has been worked out that a mere £1500 from each of the 28 Strategic Health Authorities would secure the future of this invaluable source of information, and a letter has been sent to each of the SHA's by the Foundation.

So far only one has come up with the cash. Lets hope that the SHA's back this eminently useful and value for money method of disseminating good practice among learning disability professionals, before this valuable resource is lost for good. If it is lost, you can guarantee that it will not be long before much larger amounts of time and money will end up being spent rebuilding something almost identical...


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous LPN nursing said...

I is very very important to exchange ideas and experience without which there is a possibility Closure as in this case of "UK health and learning disability network."


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