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Monday, May 09, 2005

Noam Chomsky on US Healthcare

I picked up a little book called "Doctrines and Visions" (Noam Chomsky, Penguin 2004) for only £1.50.

The book is meant as a foreword/afterword to Chomsky's "Hegemony or Survival" (2003), but it actually stands very well on it's own, and being pamphlet sized, (and cheap) makes it quite accessible to readers who are new to Chomsky.

The book is mainly a rather excellent analysis of the balance of world power, between the two superpowers (that's right - I said two!), one being the US political/military/corporate elite, the other being the world's people.

His analysis is excellent, and has been borne out, almost to the letter by subsequent events in Iraq, and the rest of the world.

Being interested in health issues, I was particularly interested in this paragraph on the problems of Health Care in the USA:

It is no secret that a major domestic problem is the exploding health care costs in the mostly privatized US system, far higher than comparable societies and with relatively poor outcomes, results traceable in large measure to the enormous inefficiencies of privatization and the control of government by the pharmaceutical industry, which tops the profit ranking year after year. As in the past, large majorities favor national health insurance, most regarding it as a 'moral issue'. Eighty percent regard universal health care as 'more important than holding down taxes', and favor legal imports of precription drugs. But if these questions arise at all, the proposals are held to be 'politically impossible', because of 'tangled politics'. That is true: disentangling the politics, we discover that the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, and other private powers will not allow it, so the will of the public is out of the political arena.
These are among the many signs of serious erosion of a democratic culture under dedicated multi-pronged assaults.

In Britain we must be vigilant not to allow our own health and education systems to be 'privatised by stealth' through PFI and other Labour schemes, otherwise we will be up the same creek as the American people, without a democratic paddle...


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Brad said...

You paid way too much.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Thinking Nurse said...

Enough to buy me about 33 seconds of healthcare in the USA I think...

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