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This blog will reflect my interests in learning disabilities, nursing, nursing theory, philosophy and politics and my general interests in the arts and literature. (Nursing is an art as well as a science!) Philosophy and nursing have been intrinsically linked since the days of Socrates, his mother was a midwife, and taught him everything he knew!

Monday, February 28, 2005

New Humanist

The 'New Humanist' has listed 'Thinking Nurse' as one of it's 'blogging friends'.

This post is to repay the compliment. The New Humanist site is packed full of interesting articles, debates, news, and other interesting bits and pieces. Here it is:


At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your list of intellectuals to come to terms with is a good one, but you cannot put Parse in with Dawkins and Russell. Her work is never critically analysed and when it is her 'disciples', the so-called Parse Scholars, leap to her defense by attempting to blacklist people. Parse hereself may be able take constructive criticism, but we never see it in her journal, Nursing Science Quarterly.
Dawkins, however, has a mind of a different order.
Read him and learn something useful.

Best wishes
Martin Johnson

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At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we never see it in her journal, Nursing Science Quarterly.



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