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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hunting Ban - Will It Work?

Today was the first day that it became illegal to kill live quarry with dogs. But there were probably more people out 'riding to hounds' than at any time in the last 30 years. They are attempting to exploit the loosely written nature of the anti-hunting law, by pretending they are following aniseed trails and suchlike, and if the hounds catch the trail of a fox and follow their 'natural killer instincts' and tear the fox to pieces, why that would just be an unfortunate and unintended accident, entirely unforeseeable that such a thing might happen...

I dont usually get that animated about 'animal rights' issues - they are well down the scale of importance for me compared to the many abuses of human rights that happen every day, and I am prepared to put my neck on the line and defend the use of animals for medical experimentation, simply because of the many human lives that have been saved by the discoveries that these experiments have supported, however I do find the idea of watching animals getting torn to pieces by dogs a rather distasteful way of gaining pleasure in the 21st Century.

Now that it is illegal to hunt, I was wondering whether all the anarchists who used to follow hunts in order to disrupt them would be out trying to support them in their law-breaking, and defend them from the oppression of state forces. Actually of course, the anarchists, in a quite bizarre role-reversal are now acting as civilian law enforcers, videoing the hunts to try and prove that they are indeed acting illegally, and to goad the police into taking action (which I think they are very unlikely to do, given the class backgrounds of the people who participate in hunting).

Making the hunt illegal could actually make it far more popular: - the savage pleasure of watching a wild animal being slaughtered by a pack of dogs, will now be seasoned with the additional spice of knowing that you are doing something illegal, and getting away with it. Banning things has a very poor success rate for making people stop doing them.

The magistrates, justices of the peace, town councillors and police superintendants who still enjoy their bit of hunting every weekend, will be going back to work on monday and coming down hard on working class youth from the local council estates, handing out ASBOs, curfews and electronic tags, for breaches of the law that some might consider less violent, aggressive and illegal than what they themselves had been up to the day before. So much for the 'classless society'....


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