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This blog will reflect my interests in learning disabilities, nursing, nursing theory, philosophy and politics and my general interests in the arts and literature. (Nursing is an art as well as a science!) Philosophy and nursing have been intrinsically linked since the days of Socrates, his mother was a midwife, and taught him everything he knew!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Link Between Cannabis and Psychosis

Linking on the title of this posting will take you to the site of 'Rethink' a leading mental health charity. They are highly concerned about the growing amount of evidence that links cannabis to the triggering of psychosis.

I have always been suspicious of this government's policies on drugs and alcohol. They are liberalising access to both, and young people are binge drinking and smoking away. As a result our hospitals and mental institutions are facing crisis.

Time for some real thought...


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Comrade_Smirnoff said...

I remember a girl who used to stay a few doors down from me in my hall of residence who used to have a joint every morning for breakfast. She lived in a fantasy world, into witchcraft and other crazy shit. She was completely out of her mind.

I don't know to what extent her psychosis was due to her excessive cannabis use, but I'd hazard a guess that it had something to do with it.

Whenever I see old classmates from high school who were cannabis smokers, I have noticed a significant decline in their speech (tending to be slower, coarser and more repetitive) and lifestyles (many have gone from being bright students to complete wasters).

The odd puff of the dragon at parties is pretty harmless (I've smoked cannabis a few times) but regular use will seriously fuck you up.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Thinking Nurse said...

I think the evidence shows that if you have a predisposition to a form of psychosis (it looks like even a mild predisposition), cannabis can be a triggering factor that will bring it on.

Cannabis is still regarded generally as a drug that is 'no more harmful than tobacco', and I think it is vitally important that these myths are challenged with real evidence, rather than unbelievable scare stories.

People like 'Rethink' who work with illnesses like Schizophrenia are ideally placed to point out such evidence.

The Blair government seems to be supine in the face of lobbying from the brewing industry, and is looking to expand drinking hours and further relax licensing laws. They also seem to be caving in to the Gaming industry, with the idea of super-casinos.

The Western invasion of Afghanistan has put a bunch of warlords into power who are now busily using the opportunity to export vast quantities of heroin - An extraordinarily high proportion of the world's heroin now comes from Afghanistan, and it is getting incredibly cheap.

The government's relaxed attitude to cannabis is sending out the false message that cannabis is as safe as the 'legalise cannabis' lobby suggest.

Young working class people, who might otherwise be thinking about, and challenging why, society is run in the way it is, are spending a large percentage of the time drunk, stoned or hungover. A cynic might argue that this may not neccessarily be seen as undesireable by a government that seems so keen to promote the interests of big business rather than those of working class youth...

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Research about cannabis has been focused on the negative effects the drug has, or may have, on youth, and in its influences on mental illness. More recently there have been efforts to discover potential medical uses of the drug, either in smoked or pill form. Most patiants who have found the drug useful medically report that the smoked form is more effective than the pill form, containing the supposed active ingredient THC, in relieving nausea from chemotherapy.

This discussion began with a personal recollection a single user of cannabis, and then attribution of effects of cannabis to the actions observed in that person. When we see that mentally ill persons use marijuana, nurses too often fail to explore what the drug does that individual users find helpful. We need to understand the subjectivity of suffering, and how persons are using cannabis to "control symptoms," in medical terms. All use is not abuse. Who among us does not use some medicine or other drug to function in daily life, whether it is insuline, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, anxiolytics, antihypertensives, mood stabilizers, antidepressants?...the list is endless.

One of the difficulties in getting adequate research about cannbis is that drugs are researched as pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical companies profit from drugs they develop and can market, with a hefty markup included.

Substances such as marijuana, that may be raised as crops, even indoors, elude the control that these corporations need over the source of the substance, to create scarcity in the market. Drug companies only profit from the drug if they can process it and change it's natural form, so that access would only come from the pharmaceutical industry.

Patients who have used cannabis medically on their own reveal that it has pain-relieving effects for often disabling conditions. It enhances sleep for many. Some find it helps with sexual problems as well. Marijuana helps control wasting in many individuals with advancing HIV disease. Anecdotal reports from those with PTSD show that cannabis may have potential in relieving trauma-related psychic pain/anxiety. Currently few medicines are specifically efficacious in treating traumatic syndromes.

The point is: we do not fully know the gamut of uses marijuana may have in resolving heath problems.

The major objection to cannabis use is that it may be a gateway-drug to other, illegal substance use. If the harm reduction model is applied to substance misuse, cannabis may be relatively much less harmful than meth, crack, and/or alcohol. Those prone to violent behavior while drinking alcohol report that cannabis does not have the same effect at all. Privately some mental health nurses and physicians caring for these people suggest that they stick to cannabis.

The appetite-enhancing, calming, pain relieving and other uses of cannbis should not be dismissed. An article in Science (or was it Scientific American?) in 2004 provides detail about humans having cannabinoid receptors, and producing cannabinoid-like neurotransmitters. A curious fact observed was that unlike other neurotransmitters, cannabinoids move both directions through the receptor sites. The significance of this bidirectional mechanism is not yet understood.

That we naturally produce cannabinoid-like chemicals, just as we produce opioid-like endorphins,indicates definite potential for health uses of cannabis.

Nurses have historically come down fairly hard on uses of illegal substances, while obliviously dispensing the formal pharmaceutical industry's products having well-established severe side effects. We assist people to use potetially habituating substances b through teaching, and monitoring of outpatient self-use of medications.

Clearly daily use of a smoked substance can irritate the lungs. Cannbis does show such changes with prolonged use, but is far less damaging than cigaret-smoking. Psychological effects were studied to support the idea that the drug is an abusable substance. The research is incomplete. Potential medical uses need to be explored without the blinders of moralizing and in spite of the fact that drug companies haven't determined how to rake a profit from this drug.

Personal accounts of beneficial effects of cannabis, as well as lab research into the physiologic functions of the cannabinoids and receptors, is still needed. Nurses might be well-placed to do some of each of these lines of study.

I discourage snap judgements about marijuana use. We simply do not fully understand, nor aappreciate the potential good it represents for patients lacking relief of symptoms. We have no right to foreclose dialogue about cannabis by dismissing it as simply a "street drug."

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